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Do you require Real Estate Appraisal, Land Surveying, Forestry and Client Representation services? If so, The Boals Group is someone you want to get to know. We have been serving West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi for over 30 years by providing a multitude of rural, suburban and urban real estate services. Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a family-run consulting firm with clients all over the Mid-South area. Our firm belief is that relationships are built on service, trust and credibility, and we pride ourselves on providing superior products that create lifetime clients. Our background in Land Development and Land Surveying is a springboard for protecting your investment and saving you both time and money. Integrating the practice of land surveying and title analysis compliments our valuation and appraisal services, and is reinforced by our access to extensive resources. At present, no other firm in the state can offer all of these services under one roof.

In today’s ever changing real estate market, the need for accurate employment of valuation techniques and analysis is imperative to ensure proper real estate decision making. Our valuations are provided for a wide range of clients including lenders, accounting and legal professionals, real estate and mortgage brokers, and buyers and sellers. Our experience, skill and knowledge is relied upon to estimate a value based on the appropriate appraisal procedures. The result is a written report that effectively communicates the assignment results to the client. Every appraisal requires a noteworthy amount of detail, including interviews with buyers, sellers, real estate brokers, attorneys, government agencies, tenants, landlords, and other pertinent players involved in the appraisal process. Our office employs the most up to date computer technology available, the latest appraisal resources, and the most effective comparable sale software available to make sure we haven’t missed a thing. We fully understand how heavily our clients rely on us for this analysis.

The Boals Group is committed to providing clients a variety of residential and commercial surveying services in a timely fashion at competitive rates. As a small, privately owned and operated business, our main emphasis is to provide professional services that are specifically crafted to meet the individual needs of our clients. We specialize in title, boundary, ALTA/ASCM, topographic, land subdivision, and architectural land surveys. As a small business we believe one-on-one relationships are paramount in order to meet the specific needs of our clients. While many larger, corporate firms may claim to offer a broad range of services, the personal attention we provide is beyond the capabilities of most.

Additional Appraisal Services
Additional Services
  • Market Studies
  • Estate Planning Support
  • Partial Interest Valuations
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Eminent Domain Appraisal
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